Meet The Sound

Who is


I am:
Eager to learn and open minded. Great navigator.
Need coffee. Love raccoons.
Organized and an experienced traveler.

I speak:
Dutch, English, French

Currently based in:

The moment I realized I wanted to work in music, was the day I saw my favourite artist live for the first time. I wanted to make people happy with music too. But I didn’t want to perform, I would help musicians bring their music to the crowd. 

After that realization, I continued going to concerts and surrounded myself constantly with new music discoveries. I traveled all over Europe, the UK, Canada and America to see my favourite bands perform, feeling like I was my own tour manager.

I chose to get a bachelor’s degree in Radio Journalism, where I used my creative freedom to explore facets of the music industry. For my graduation project, I created and hosted a radio show covering the behind-the-scenes at concerts. I founded the Meet The Sound music blog so I could interview and photograph musicians.

My first steps into the music industry was with UK singer-songwriter Lucy Rose, after asking her if she would take me on her European tour so I could get to know life on the road. While working my first merchandising experience, I fell in love with the touring industry. Subsequently, I assisted other international artists with merchandise, photography and tour management assistance.
Being from Belgium, I found that my opportunities were limited at home so I decided to move to Toronto.

Toronto offered me loads of music industry experience, along with an internship at Dine Alone Records/Bedlam Music Management.
I was involved in day-to-day artist management, merchandise management and learned about the workings of a music label. My visa offered me only a year to stay in Canada, and so I had to leave my new home away from home, looking for new opportunities back in Europe. Since being back, I’ve been gaining more and more experience in tour management within Europe and the UK, started managing my first band and continue to take care of merchandise management.

If you’re interested in working together, I’m eager to get out there and make sure you don’t have to worry about the little things.
Feel free to shoot me an email, but if you first want to learn a bit more about me, have a lurk on my instagram.

Hope to see you soon on tour / at the show!