Meet The Sound did a one-hour radio special about concert and backstage life.
What’s to hear in Meet The Sound: Backstage Edition?

  • Joke Daniëls works at Ancienne Belgique, a valued Belgian concert venue and talks about groupies, riders, and what exactly happens backstage.
  • Signe of Danish band Nelson Can shares her best backstage stories.
  • Aaron Tyler Grant, part of Lights‘ live band, tells about living as a traveling musician.
  • And I myself try to get backstage of Lana Del Rey‘s concert in Belgium

Listen to Part 1 here:
Meet The Sound: Backstage Edition – Part 1

Listen to Part 2 here:
Meet The Sound: Backstage Edition – Part 2


Listen to the interview with Aaron Tyler Grant here:
Interview Aaron Tyler Grant (Lights)

Listen to the interview with Signe of Nelson Can here:
Interview Signe (Nelson Can)

Listen to the attempt of getting backstage at Lana Del Rey’s concert here:
Radio Report Lana Del Rey


EXTRA: Listen to a special tour story of Marié Digby here:
Tour Story Marie Digby